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When I signed up for The Wellness Week, I knew it was going to be great: My favorite yoga teacher and my favorite country to visit. What I was not expecting was how life-changing it would be. There is something magical about taking a trip to a far-off place with very few familiar faces. You don’t know what to expect, but you are optimistic and eager to meet the people who will be your housemates and Kula for the next week. You are open in a way that allows the people and the place to seep in and make you better. Every day was a new adventure and every day I thought it couldn’t possibly get any better than the day before… and I was always wrong. It was a great balance of group time, free time, calm time, and playtime. I never felt like I was suffocated by the group or that I was left out. The atmosphere created by Jenny and her team is very nurturing and accepting; encouraging in a way that makes you feel like you are enough just as you are, but curious about how you can do better. BE better. I haven’t even mentioned the luxury of the experience. The housing and food arrangements were of the highest quality and you feel spoiled the entire time. If you give The Wellness Week a bit of your money and time, you will be repaid many times over in priceless friendships, memories, and growth as a yogi, with an experience you will never forget.

Emily Matta, Costa Rica & Portugal

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