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Our time in Italy will take us to a luxury venue overlooking the stunning waters! This ocean view venue will perfectly fulfill all your Italian dreams.

Ice Cream


Nestled along the stunning Amalfi Coast, near Praiano, Villa Eclisse offers the perfect fusion of luxury and natural beauty. Conveniently located between the Fjord of Furore and Marina di Praia, both within easy walking distance, this villa is your seaside paradise.

Set on the bakdrop of a promontory surrounded by floral pathways and fragrant Mediterranean greenery, Villa Eclisse boasts breathtaking views over the sea. The true masterpiece of the villa, the infinity pool, provides an exquisite setting for your relaxation. Here, you’ll find an expansive sun deck and a natural rock pool, making it the heart of your coastal retreat. 

 The spacious salons and terraces feature meticulously hand-painted, antique tiled floors, providing panoramic view of medieval towers and the picturesque village of Praiano.

Our dedicated staff, including an experienced pastry chef and two attentive waitstaff, ensures the daily upkeep of all rooms and the entire property. We are dedicated to making your stay a genuinely relaxing and memorable experience.

Discover the enchantment of Villa Eclisse, where the beauty of the Amalfi Coast meets the warmth of a coastal retreat.

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